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      [FEATURE] Introduce API for the configuration module · ce6d4902
      Sebastian Michaelsen authored
      Instead of having a hardcoded list of "trees" available
      in the configuration module a new API is introduced and
      all existing tree functionalities are moved into separate
      provider classes to use the new API.
      Extension authors are now able to add their own providers
      to expose their custom configuration in the module. It's
      even possible now to disable existing providers shipped
      by core or any third-party extension.
      Each provider is therefore registered in the `Services.yaml`
      of the specific extension by defining the provider class
      to be used and adding the `lowlevel.configuration.module.provider`
      tag with at least the unique `identifier` attribute.
      All providers must then implement the new `ProviderInterface`
      to ensure the module can acquire the necessary data to
      display the tree and the module menu.
      The registration also provides a ordering / sorting
      functionality using the DependencyOrderingService.
      Resolves: #92929
      Releases: master
      Change-Id: I94e81e4b68ff9402444dca9449d251302380fd9f
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