Unverified Commit 4d0b3951 authored by Oliver Klee's avatar Oliver Klee Committed by GitHub
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[BUGFIX] Use correct relative paths for removing files from release (#209)

parent 73a27f73
......@@ -122,11 +122,11 @@
"rm .editorconfig",
"rm .gitattributes",
"rm .php_cs.php",
"rm /Resources/Private/.eslintignore",
"rm /Resources/Private/.eslintrc.json",
"rm /Resources/Private/.prettierrc.js",
"rm /Resources/Private/package.json",
"rm /Resources/Private/stylelint.config.js",
"rm Resources/Private/.eslintignore",
"rm Resources/Private/.eslintrc.json",
"rm Resources/Private/.prettierrc.js",
"rm Resources/Private/package.json",
"rm Resources/Private/stylelint.config.js",
"rm codeception.yml",
"rm phpcs.xml"
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