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Exclude node modules from yarn lint (#215)

Co-authored-by: default avatarŁukasz Uznański <l.uznanski@macopedia.com>
parent e51dad6a
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@
"ci:tests:functional": "find 'Tests/Functional' -wholename '*Test.php' | parallel --gnu 'echo; echo \"Running functional test suite {}\"; .Build/vendor/bin/phpunit -c .Build/vendor/nimut/testing-framework/res/Configuration/FunctionalTests.xml {}';",
"ci:tests:unit": ".Build/vendor/bin/phpunit -c .Build/vendor/nimut/testing-framework/res/Configuration/UnitTests.xml Tests/Unit",
"ci:ts:lint": "php ./tools/typo3-typoscript-lint -c Configuration/TsLint.yml --ansi -n --fail-on-warnings -vvv Configuration/TypoScript",
"ci:yaml:lint": "find . ! -path '*.Build/*' -name '*.yml' | xargs .Build/vendor/bin/yaml-lint",
"ci:yaml:lint": "find . ! -path '*.Build/*' ! -path '*Resources/Private/node_modules/*' -name '*.yml' | xargs .Build/vendor/bin/yaml-lint",
"fix:php": [
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