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add initial error message

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<li>Status: <!--# echo var="status" --></li>
<li>Description: <!--# echo var="status_description" --></li>
<!--# if expr="$opswaferror = PROD" -->
<p>This Request has been blocked by the Web Application Firewall.</p>
<!--# elif expr="$opswaferror = /(STAGE|DEV)/" -->
<p>Request has been blocked by the Web Application Firewall. Please see <a href="">our documentation</a> for further details.</p>
<!--# endif -->
<h2>Debug Infos</h2>
<li>Server time: <!--# echo var="date_local" --></li>
<li>Remote address: <!--#echo var="remote_addr" --></li>
<li>Request id: <!--#echo var="request_id" --></li>
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