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    [TASK] Update t3olayout to 3.7.0 · c52b9a2e
    Stefan Busemann authored
    * [FEATURE] Add typoscript linter
    * [FEATURE] Add case study list view
    * [FEATURE] Add translated news"
    * [BUGFIX] Adjust contact form
    * [BUGFIX] Remove Old Accordion Element
    * [BUGFIX] Remove Roadmap Template
    * [BUGFIX] category link on news detail pages doesn't work
    * [BUGFIX] Related News / Related Files look ugly
    * [BUGFIX] Show full teaser in news list
    * [BUGFIX] Resolve "Cookie banner hides feedback banner"
    * [BUGFIX] Resolve "buttons on login page have wrong background (or wrong text color)"
    * [TASK] Update to Jquery 3.4.0
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