Commit 2a00f081 authored by Thomas Löffler's avatar Thomas Löffler

Merge branch '207-l10n-via-languages-module-in-typo3-doesn-t-work-anymore' into 'develop'

Adds translation script

Closes #207

See merge request !191
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# Synchronize translation packages from pootle server to local TER
# Steffen Gebert, July 2012
rsync -rc --exclude ".htaccess" --exclude ".solr/" --exclude ".tmp/" -e "ssh -i $HOME/.ssh/" $BASE_PATH
find $BASE_PATH -type d -print0|/usr/bin/xargs -0 /bin/chmod 775
find $BASE_PATH -type f -print0|/usr/bin/xargs -0 /bin/chmod 664
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