Commit cfdd5838 authored by Thomas Löffler's avatar Thomas Löffler

Merge branch 'use-sanitized-string-if-no-result' into 'develop'

Uses sanitized string for output if no result in search

Closes #230

See merge request !203
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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
<f:if condition="{resultSet.usedSearch.numberOfResults}">
<div class="alert alert-danger mt-3">
<s:translate key="no_results_nothing_found" arguments="{0: resultSet.usedQuery.queryString}">Nothing found for "%s".</s:translate>
<s:translate key="no_results_nothing_found" arguments="{0: resultSet.initialQueryString}">Nothing found for "%s".</s:translate>
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