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Shows upload date and author in result list

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......@@ -29,15 +29,17 @@
<f:format.crop maxCharacters="180" respectWordBoundaries="true">{s:document.highlightResult(resultSet:resultSet, document:document, fieldName:'content')}</f:format.crop>
Uploaded on
< format="d M Y">@{document.extensionLastUpload_intS}</>
<f:if condition="{}">
<f:format.crop maxCharacters="50">{}</f:format.crop>
<small class="text-muted">Updated:
< format="m/d/Y H:i">@{document.extensionLastUpload_intS}</>
<f:format.crop maxCharacters="50">{}</f:format.crop>
<ul class="list-inline">
<f:if condition="{document.supports7_boolS}">
<li class="list-inline-item badge badge-success">7 LTS</li>
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