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  • 3.7.1   * [BUGFIX] Remove debug output behind news categories
  • 3.7.0
    • [FEATURE] Add typoscript linter
    • [FEATURE] Add case study list view
    • [FEATURE] Add translated news"
    • [BUGFIX] Adjust contact form
    • [BUGFIX] Remove Old Accordion Element
    • [BUGFIX] Remove Roadmap Template
    • [BUGFIX] category link on news detail pages doesn't work
    • [BUGFIX] Related News / Related Files look ugly
    • [BUGFIX] Show full teaser in news list
    • [BUGFIX] Resolve "Cookie banner hides feedback banner"
    • [BUGFIX] Resolve "buttons on login page have wrong background (or wrong text color)"
    • [TASK] Update to Jquery 3.4.0
  • 3.6.1
    • [TASK] Add verbose for better output on deployment
    • [DOCS] Describe feedback banner options in documentation
    • [BUGFIX] Reintroduce btn-outline, as it is needed in TER
  • 3.6.0
    1ba58f95 · [RELEASE] Version 3.6.0 ·
    • [FEATURE] Add possibility to open files in lightbox when using a link
    • [BUGFIX] Center the radio buttons
    • [FEATURE] Add feature header as a content element
    • [FEATURE] Set the "to top" button
    • [BUGFIX] Set correct class for accordion element
    • [TASK] Fix caching headers
    • [TASK] Remove "text w/ teaser" content element
    • [BUGFIX] Fix "text w/ image" elements and placement for images
    • [TASK] Add header for news list
    • [FEATURE] Integrate YouTube videos of typo3.com
    • [FEATURE] New content element "Jumbotron"
    • [FEATURE] New content element to display frontend user
    • [TASK] Remove btn-outline completely
    • [TASK] Modal for new logins to point to the community membership
    • [TASK] Beautify search result page
    • [FEATURE] New form for get into contact
  • 3.5.1
  • 3.5.0   * [FEATURE] Add option to activate Google Tag Manager * [TASK] Add issue templates * [TASK] Work on styleguide * [BUGFIX] Fix styles in roadmap view * [BUGFIX] Allow RTE for Feature Header
  • 3.4.0   * [BUGFIX] Remove media title from news detail view * [TASK] Beautify service listing * [BUGFIX] Reload page on successful login or logout * [TASK] Styleguide improvements * [TASK] Switch background-image to responsive picture * [TASK] Remove negative top margin from feature headers * [FEATURE] Add new CE for header image * [FEATURE] Add new grid relations
  • 3.3.2   * [FEATURE] Add discourse integration on pages * [TASK] Remove Google+ from footer (now really) * [TASK] Increase default font weight * [FEATURE] Add template for selected news item list * [BUGFIX] Change line break in cookie banner text * [TASK] Reduce font size on mobile * [BUGFIX] Fix regression in login JS
    f9eab0ca · Release version 3.3.2 ·
  • 3.3.1   * [TASK] Add caching headers * [BUGFIX] Add margin for news listing on homepage
    cc5bc9e0 · Release of version 3.3.1 ·
  • 3.3.0   * [TASK] Allow editors to create forms * [TASK] Remove G+ from footer * [TASK] Add classes to ul for menu * [FEATURE] Introduce FontAwesome 5 * [BUGFIX] Add author name to news list view * [TASK] Improve rendering and remove double borders * [TASK] Remove horizontal margin for latest news * [TASK] Image crop for news * [BUGFIX] Beautify platinum banner in mobile view * [FEATURE] Add CookieConsent * [FEATURE] Add default images for news
    033c01ad · Release version v3.3.0 ·
  • 3.2.0   * [TASK] Add a styleguide * [FEATURE] Reload navigation on login or logout * [BUGFIX] Add range to linkVars * [TASK] Cleanup ext_emconf.php * [BUGFIX] Make header field visible in slider container
    4db082ac · [RELEASE] Version 3.2.0 ·
  • 3.1.4   * [BUGFIX] Show media in news only for selected views
    b4d235de · [RELEASE] Version 3.1.4 ·
  • 3.1.3   * [BUGFIX] Correct path to YAML file * [TASK] Change news list heading to h2 * [BUGFIX] Show shariff element in news * [TASK] Move randombanners templates to extension
    2d517ed9 · [RELEASE] Version 3.1.3 ·
  • 3.1.2   * Start AJAX login only if login page is linked in menu
    76f2ad57 · [RELEASE] Version 3.1.2 ·
  • 3.1.1   * [BUGFIX] Use default template for mobile login
    4a7e8907 · [RELEASE] Version 3.1.1 ·
  • 3.1.0   * [TASK] Create and use Sass mixin for hiding things on print view * [FEATURE] Implement HTML5 Boilerplate print styles as groundwork for all print views * [BUGFIX] Move button out of news list in teaser element * [FEATURE] Optimize diverse elements on print view * [CLEANUP] Make SCSS style linter happy * [FEATURE] Optimize diverse elements on print view * [FEATURE] Add Frontend User as author * [BUGFIX] Fix Font Paths * [TASK] Remove rsa authentication * [FEATURE] Rebuild login to really ajax based login * [TASK] Rename yaml form definition to new standard
    d896bc86 · [RELEASE] Version 3.1.0 ·
  • 3.0.4   3.0.4
  • 3.0.3   3.0.3
  • 3.0.2   3.0.2
  • 3.0.1
    • [TASK] Subnavigation entry level
    • [TASK] Rename file and change namespace
    • [BUGFIX] Issue has been resolved for IE/Desktop: Remove gap between slider and header
    • [BUGFIX] Issue has been resolved for Mobile: Alignment of logo
    • [BUGFIX] fix gulp watcher by removing the starting slash from the custom paths
    • [TASK] improve events view, especially the mobile view
    • [BUGFIX] Mobile alignment of logo