Managing my extensions

You have {expiringExtensions -> f:count()} expiring extension keys! Please have a look.

You have not registered any extension keys.

In this list there are only extension keys which have not been used for an extension yet!
The following actions are available for your expiring extension keys:

  • Release to community: Extension key will be deleted and set free for re-registration.
  • Keep: You'll keep the extension key for one more year. If there is no upload within this time then the expiry process will repeat.
  • Upload: You may upload a new version for this extension.
Expires: {extension.expire ->'m/d/Y h:i a (T)')}

Please make sure that the extension key you register follows the following rules

  • Allowed characters are: a-z (lowercase), 0-9 and '_' (underscore)
  • The key must not being with one of the following prefixes: tx,user_,pages,tt_,sys_,ts_language_,csh_
  • Extension keys cannot start or end with 0-9 and '_' (underscore)
  • An extension key must have minimum 3, maximum 30 characters (not counting underscores)
  • Do not use an '_' (underscore) before a number (0-9), e.g. myextension_2015

Please check twice!

Are you sure? You might not be able to get your transfered key back.

{extension.extKey} {extension.extKey} / {extension.lastVersion.state}
(last upload on {extension.lastVersion.uploadDate})
Delete Abandon Edit Upload