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Security review almost ready now, see Changelog

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(add new changes on top of this file)
09-01-02 Michael Scharkow <>
* Update for pi3: Delete reviews, better list views, etc.
* TODO: E-Mail-Notification and review-editing (delete+new works!)
07-01-02 Michael Scharkow <>
* Initial upload of rating framework (in p1)
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......@@ -7,19 +7,23 @@
$LOCAL_LANG = Array (
'default' => Array (
'general_extensionreview' => 'Extension Review',
'general_extensionreview' => 'Extension Security Review',
'error_extnotfound' => 'Extension version not found.',
'error_alreadyreviewed' => 'Extension version has already been reviewed.',
'error_alreadyreviewedbyuser' => 'Extension version has already been reviewed by you.',
'error_rejectwithoutcomplaints' => 'You cannot reject an extension without at least one complaint.',
'error_passwithcomplaints' => 'You cannot accept an extension when there are complaints.',
'error_couldnotsave_db' => 'Could not save review to db.',
'error_couldnotsave_localdb' => 'Could not save review to local TER. This is not fatal!',
'error_couldnotsave_soap' => 'Could not save review in TER via SOAP.',
'views_unreviewed' => 'Unreviewed',
'views_passed' => 'Passed',
'views_insecure' => 'Insecure',
'views_pending' => 'My pending reviews',
'views_pending' => 'Pending reviews',
'views_mine' => 'My current reviews',
'views_review' => 'Review',
'listview_unreviewed_introduction' => 'This is a list of all extensions which have not been reviewed yet:',
......@@ -30,15 +34,17 @@ $LOCAL_LANG = Array (
'singleview_selectextensionversion_submit' => 'Select',
'singleview_review_extensioninfo_sectionheading' => 'Extension details for %s',
'singleview_review_header' => 'Review information for this extension version',
'singleview_review_header' => 'Security review information for this extension version',
'singleview_review_reviewinfo_noreviewfound' => 'A review for this extension version does not exist yet.',
'singleview_review_startreview' => 'Start a review',
'singleview_review_submitreview' => 'Submit review',
'singleview_review_startreview' => 'Start a security review',
'singleview_review_submitreview' => 'Submit security review',
'singleview_review_deletereview' => 'Delete my security review',
'singleview_review_history' => 'Review history',
'singleview_review_notes' => 'Review notes',
'review_reviewers' => 'Involved reviewers',
'review_notes' => 'Review notes',
'review_reviewer' => 'Reviewer',
'review_reviewstate' => 'Review state',
'review_objections' => 'Objections',
'review_reviewstate_-1' => 'Failed security check',
'review_reviewstate_0' => 'Unreviewed',
'review_reviewstate_1' => 'Passed basic security check',
......@@ -46,7 +52,7 @@ $LOCAL_LANG = Array (
'review_reviewstate_setstate' => 'Set state',
'review_t3xfile' => '.T3X File',
'review_t3xfile_download' => 'Download',
'review_t3xfilemd5' => '.T3X File MD5 at review start',
'review_t3xfilemd5' => '.T3X File MD5',
'review_t3xfilemd5_doesnotmatch' => 'MD5 does not match the hash of the current .T3X file!',
'review_t3xfilemd5_updatemd5' => 'Update review MD5 so it matches the file MD5',
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