Commit fb7d046e authored by Boris Schauer's avatar Boris Schauer

Merge branch 'task/change-to-new-prod-server' into 'develop'

Remove test deployment and add production server

See merge request !389
parents 4199b18f 5cfba23f
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......@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ set('php', '/opt/php/php72/bin/php');
set('bin_folder', 'vendor/bin/');
task('typo3', function() {
run('cd {{release_path}} && {{php}} /usr/local/bin/composer install');
run('cd {{release_path}} && {{php}} {{bin_folder}}typo3cms install:generatepackagestates');
run('cd {{release_path}} && {{php}} {{bin_folder}}typo3cms install:extensionsetupifpossible');
stage: production
port: 22192
port: 22201
user: extensions
forward_agent: true
deploy_path: ~/ci/
......@@ -12,11 +12,3 @@ develop:
user: extensionsstage
forward_agent: true
deploy_path: ~/ci/
stage: stage
port: 22200
user: extensionsstage
writable_mode: chmod
forward_agent: true
deploy_path: ~/ci/
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